Visit Ahmedabad’s iconic Patang Hotel

Visit Ahmedabad's iconic Patang Hotel
November 09, 2023

The Patang Hotel is one of Ahmedabad’s iconic hotels

One of India’s first revolving restaurants, Patang Hotel, opened in Ahmedabad on the Sabarmati River in 1983. Recently, after nearly four years of renovations, the business reopened to the public. The building is located next to Nehru Bridge on Ashram Road in Ahmedabad. It is powered by a Japanese motor and has expanded to include a garden restaurant on the ground floor, with premium-priced tables reserved for the top floor.

Hasmukh Patel, founder of HCP Design Planning and Management Pvt Ltd in the city, conceived of the striking building, which stands more than 221 feet tall (roughly the height of a 16-story building) on the riverbank.

The restaurant provides one with a 360-degree view of Ahmedabad. The hotel was rendered inoperable as a result of an earthquake in 2001; however, it has since been restored in such a way that it now retains its fully operational original motor in addition to having had its interiors and exteriors remodeled and new features added.

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Patang Hotel in Ahmedabad is able to provide service to, and seating for up to 110 guests at once, and a full rotation can be accomplished in approximately 90 minutes. In addition, a restaurant with a terrace will be constructed on top of the rotating structure. It is anticipated that the aforementioned restaurant will have room for an additional 80 people. On the water tank that sits on the terrace, which is the highest point of the building, there will likely be a table that seats between four to five people. This table will be set aside for special events like wedding anniversaries and birthdays. The guests will be taken to the top of the tank by a capsule lift.

On the ground level, there will also be a garden restaurant that serves real Gujarati thali. The rotating restaurant’s menu now has a 14-course, well-thought-out meal for the first month. Asian, modern Indian, continental, and international food can also be availed here. Explore the diverse culinary offerings further with the exclusive Patang Hotel menu.

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